Maker: K.O Vegan Hair

Brenda’s background is over 27 years in the hairdressing world including five amazing years working for the prestigious ‘Vidal Sassoon’ salon group in London where she worked in their Salons & in the Mayfair Barber Shop as a member of their Art Team.

During her time at ‘Vidal Sassoon’ she was awarded runner up in the VS ‘International Barber of the Year’ awards, she worked on numerous photo shoots for magazine, taught at weekly tutoring sessions, soirees & was involved in numerous Fashion Shows. She had hairdressing work published in London & UK Fashion & Hair magazines.

On returning to New Zealand she started her own hair salon in Parnell, from just a few clients she grew it into a successful business. After selling the business 8 years later she continued as a ‘Freelance Hairdresser’. Clients would ask ‘Whats a good product that wont damage my hair?’ It became apparent at that time there were no healthy specific hair products around- not from high end salons & especially not from supermarkets. Brenda spent several years researching ingredients & partnering with a commercial chemist to create a professional range of natural hair care. She didn’t stop there, creating an authentic product is an ongoing art - which is continuously worked on to improve.

In 2016 the first product of the K.O Natural brand was introduced ‘I’m very passionate about the NEW K.O range, we’ve used the products since conception & now with the brand of NATURAL & VEGAN products for all hair types we’ve created some fabulous hair care.

(‘Kids Own Hair Care’ formed in 2006)  K.O Natural Hair Care range created in 2019



K.O Hair Care is officially CERTIFIED VEGAN!

Being a Clean & Natural brand means you know exactly what you’re putting on your scalp and hair. K.O Haircare not only embodies a philosophy of Healthy Hair but we are an Eco Friendly Brand that recycles & uses Eco packaging.

Our products are silicone and paraben free there’s No GMO’s and No Artificial Colours, these are Powerful Plant based Ingredients that are Cruelty Free/Not Tested on Animals.

Our range of clean products are made from naturally derived plant ingredients, products range from 92.5% to 98% Natural. There’s no build up from silicone coatings & smoothers which make hair dull & heavy. Our products leave your hair and scalp nourished and healthy!

♥ Nourish & strengthen   

♥ Cleanse & refresh   

♥ Clarify & Detox your scalp   

♥ Hydrate & replenish


  • Wheat Free, free from wheat derived materials. Contain no animal derivatives – naturally derived ingredients
  • Silicone free. Paraben free. Sulphate free. Colour free. Cruelty Free.

Animal Friendly

Our products are all cruelty free – we test all products on ourselves!



With environmental issues being important to us, we use recyclable packaging. All bottles are made from 100% recyclable PET and PETG plastics (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Our empty bottles can be put into domestic or commercial  recycling bins, this plastic is then reused to make other products. Our website orders are packed in paper wrap & corrugated cardboard, for void fill we endeavour to use paper or cardboard, on occasion we may use alternatives for filling but know this has been reused.




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