How do Subscriptions Work?

SortU is designed with convenience in mind.

Find quality, commonly consumed items from our product range, and choose how often you would like to receive them. Weekly, monthly, quarterly- you decide. Keep your subscription open ended or pick an end date. No need to run out. No need to remember to refill. Set and forget.

Items are automatically shipped from our favourite NZ suppliers direct to your door. No international flights, tiki tours through the Port of Singapore or delays in your shipping...

No need to manage all of your subscriptions through multiple logins cross multiple websites. One website, one login.


How do I know what I'm subscribed to?
Create an account to access and manage your subscriptions any time of the day.

Do I get notifications?
Yes. We notify you 2 days prior to an upcoming payment. You also receive notifications for new subscriptions, amendments to your subscriptions and other important messages relating to your subscriptions.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?
There is no charge to cancel a subscription. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled within 24 hours of a scheduled shipment. 

Can I skip a delivery?
Yes. Login to control your deliveries.

How am I billed for my subscription?
Your nominated payment method is charged on the day your subscription is due to be shipped.

What is the cost of shipping?
Shipping cost varies per product. We have aligned our shipping fees to those of the supplier. We guarantee you pay the same amount of shipping as you would if you order directly from the suppliers website. See our shipping policy here.

Where is the product coming from?
Products are shipped from within New Zealand, fresh from the supplier, directly to you.

Why should I use SortU and not go directly to the suppliers website?
SortU's advantage is that you can manage all of your subscriptions for our products from one login. This saves you time, effort and forgotten subscriptions $$. You can download our convenient app for push notifications of upcoming orders, and control everything from your mobile. 

Need more help?

No problem. Contact our office in Canterbury, New Zealand. We're always happy to help.

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