Our Why


"Do you often find yourself asking, why am I so busy? This is one thing I am truly trying to change in my life… hence, the creation of SortU…

I am a mum of 2 gorgeous active pre-teen children and live at the beach in the adventurous region of Canterbury, NZ.

The hospitality industry has been my field of work for the past 28 years with varied roles from owning multiple businesses, teaching, consultation, and product development. Through all these roles I have learnt a common thread - the ability to deliver customer service beyond my client's expectations, offering this experience through sales, marketing, tutoring, and customer relations.

Living a more conscious life and living in the moment is my future goal. The development of SortU into our lives is SUPER exciting as I am looking forward to creating more time for my family through Sortu’s services we are offering and for others that desire it.

I truly want to help fellow New Zealanders become LESS BUSY…."




"I ordered some spectacles online, and they arrived from China six weeks later! I was shocked. All that travel, for an impulse buy!

Juggling kids, family, and business since 2010 I finally found myself studying naturopathic medicine. I'm passionate about how stress impacts our lives, our decisions, and how we do business in New Zealand. Life can be hard yakka.

My experience lies in sales and operations (and online shopping 🤫 ). I have owned a business in New Zealand, and understand the pressures suppliers face. I love finding ways to make doing business easier and more efficient. 

Why are we buying products from far, far away? SortU is a way we can reduce the impact consumerism has on our world and reduce the number of decisions we need to make daily.

It makes sense to provide a platform that connects eco-conscious kiwi shoppers with the products they want, locally!"




New Zealand is a treasure-trove of talented artisans who are still doing the hard yards of transporting their products to and from physical markets - many in small towns- subject to weather, and dependant on local word of mouth. For those who have attempted an online presence - it can be a time-consuming and daunting experience.

Drawing on my personal passion for the arts and my professional experience as a tech-nerd - I love to to help makers thrive. I believe there's a lot to be gained by allowing these makers to focus on their craft, whilst connecting them with a wider audience of Kiwis who are looking for quality, local products. And *ta-dah!* that's where SortU comes in..."

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