Supplier FAQs

I am a supplier and would like to register my interest, how do I do that?

Click here and complete this super quick form! Thank-you.


I have registered my interest, and I just want to join and get my products listed, how do I do that?

Click here and complete this (not so super quick, but still pretty quick) form! 


What makes SortU different to other websites?

First of all, we are local! We are Hannah, Anna and Charlotte, Canterbury born and bred. Our service is designed specifically to connect NZ sourced products with New Zealand based customers. 

Passionate about reducing the impact consumerism has on our environment, we only list products that are available to be shipped to customers from within New Zealand. Our suppliers and products are chosen because their stories resonate with our desire to reduce waste, improve well-being and support the world around us.

We want to reduce the need for people to constantly pop out to the shops to pick up this and that, by providing a service that fills that need.

We know families, we have them. We know businesses, we have them. We're a company that both suppliers and customers can trust.


How do shoppers buy an item on subscription?

Shoppers browse the website and choose the item they wish to purchase. In the product menu, customers choose their subscription terms for that item.

At checkout, customers are required to create an account. This is simple. They can then checkout.

Customers login to their account via our website (at any time) to pause, cancel, or view all of their subscriptions in one simple site. Hallelujah!


How does a subscription work?

The customer chooses the frequency and quantity of the product/s they would like. Subscriptions can be paused, edited or cancelled at any time. We automatically notify a customer of impending subscriptions 2 days before it is due. There aren't any surprises or complications. We keep it simple and without hidden conditions.

Our website has a range of products that are suitable for subscription orders. Customers can manage each subscription conveniently through one login on our website.


Is there an app for Android or iPhone that shoppers can use?

This is currently in progress. It's very exciting. Customers will receive push notifications and the ability to shop from the convenience of their mobile.


Where is AfterPay

Coming! Before launching to the public.


How do I get my product listed on the website?

You can complete this form to get setup in our system as a supplier. Once we have received it, we will set you up as a vendor and provide you with a login to our Seller Portal or help list your items.


What does it cost me as a supplier to join SortU?

There is no fee to join or list your products on our website. We deduct a pre-agreed rate when we sell your item through our website. We prefer to negotiate directly with suppliers as to the rate. 


What sell price will my product be?

We ask that we are able to list the same price as you have advertised on your own website.


How do I receive notification of an order?

When an order is placed, suppliers receive instant email notifications. The email details the product and the shipping details.


How do I update SortU when an order is ready to be shipped?

Login to the Seller Portal and mark the order as fulfilled.  It will ask you to enter in the tracking number and courier provider. 

You don't need to email the customer, our system does it for us when you mark the order as fulfilled.

Alternatively, you can email us the order and tracking details. You can also provide it to us in a CSV file if you have many orders.


What is the Seller Portal?

It is a portal that a supplier logs into to manage their products from their own computer. SortU will issue a registered supplier with the link to the portal.

Suppliers don't have to use the Seller Portal, although it is very easy and convenient.

Products and their details can be added, amended or deleted through the portal.

Suppliers will also see any customer orders in the portal and can update fulfilment details.


Who ships the product?

The supplier ships directly to the customer. But, if this is something that is putting you off listing your product with us, reach out to Anna at


Who provides the shipping label? 

Suppliers need to have their own shipping process.


How is shipping charged as the store front?

Each supplier is loaded with their own shipping costs.  The supplier tells us what cost they would like to ship their product, and we load it.


Who collects the shipping costs from the customer?

SortU collects the shipping charge from the customer at the time of purchase. We then hand this onto any supplier who is shipping the products.

The supplier can include this charge when they invoice us for the product they have shipped. Shipping costs are agreed in the New Supplier Form.


What if I run out of stock?

If suppliers use our Seller Portal, they can control the inventory availability from there. The website will continue to show the item, but it will be 'Out of Stock'.

If a supplier is not using our Seller Portal, we ask that suppliers notify us if a listed product is not available. 

SortU may offer the customer an alternative, from another supplier, if the item cannot be supplied within a reasonable time-frame.


What if my product goes 'end of life' and a customer is subscribing to it?

We'd like to be advised of any product that is end of life. We will communicate to the customer, and cancel their subscription.


I have a Shopify store, can we sync?

We are gauging interest in this feature. It is available, but only if we have enough interest. It is slightly technical to setup (from the suppliers end).

We have a guide to connecting your Shopify store with our platform. Products can be imported from your store to your Seller Portal. Updates to products (such as names or prices) can flow through.

When orders are placed on our store, they flow through the seller portal to your shopify store. Inventory quantity is also synced.


Is it a massive effort to list my products?

No way. We are here to help. 

We just need to know the details of the products you would like to list. We can gather your information and images from your own website if that is easy for you.

Alternatively, you can do it yourself in the simple Seller Portal. (We check your work before publishing anything to the live website, so GO FOR IT!)


Can I remove my products at any time?

Yes. There are no obligations at any stage to suppliers. However, we would like to consider whether customers have any ongoing subscriptions with you and when they may be due.


How can I use the customers information?

We forward you the customers name, shipping address, email address and contact number for the sole purpose of shipping the goods they have ordered. You are unable to use their details for marketing or any other purpose. This helps us operate within the Privacy Act.


How do I bill SortU for products I have shipped?

This is entirely up to you. Within the New Supplier Form, you can specify those details. The Seller Portal conveniently keeps tabs on moneys owed, and even generates invoices for you if you wish.


What are the marketing opportunities?

We have a space for all suppliers to list their logo and store details on the Makers page. We also have a Menu header Makers Stories where we look forward to publishing any stories that make you happy.

The is a big emphasis on the people behind the products. We LOVE NZ businesses and will be promoting them throughout the shoppers experience.

There is also opportunity in the future to combine forces and run campaigns together for new or promotional campaigns for those who are interested.

We are investing in the social media platform initially, but this will be followed up with other marketing avenues as we grow. SortU signage will be visible before 31st Oct 2021 on State Highway 1 in Woodend where more than 20,000 vehicles pass every business day.

Marketing will be targeting Auckland (the biggest online shopper region in NZ).


How much traffic do we get through our website and how will we increase it?

Well, there's not much yet! BUT....Charlotte (Co-Owner) is our very own in-house Digital Producer. She has a tonne of experience developing and maintaining websites like ours. We are lucky that we can do this ourselves and don't rely on an external tech company to help us.

Once the password is lifted, we will be focusing on getting every product and every article linked to Google. It's a job that will be ongoing.

We have both Facebook and Instagram to provide Social Media exposure. Again, Charlotte is a star and really knows how to maximise these opportunities.

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