Bio Cleaner // 5L

Bio Cleaner // 5L

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A biodegradable multipurpose cleaner suitable for homes and offices. This is a product of choice for environmentally sustainable organisations.

Ideal for replacing harsh acidic and alkaline cleaners, this formula contains a safe blend of Bio-Agent, Enzymes and modern Surfactants to remove odour, fat build up, dirt and urinal crystals over time. Bio Cleaner keeps pipes free of organic build up and by using the product will add to the septic system. Excellent where fat, grease, oil, dirt and odour are present and venues who use on-site septic systems.

Bio Cleaner is non-corrosive, non-toxic and safe for the environment at the recommended dose rates.

Bio Cleaner can be diluted up to 50:1 (making up to 250 litres).

Not recommended for use on ovens or windows.

This product is manufactured locally in NZ.


This product is shipped to you from within NZ.

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