The Dashing Hound // Handmade Natural Dog Shampoo

The Dashing Hound // Handmade Natural Dog Shampoo

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New Zealand made and developed high quality shampoo with ALL NATURAL properties.

This shampoo is low on lather and much gentler on the skin and will enhance the natural colour of the coat. Crafted to give a thorough clean, without stripping the coat of its natural oils and irritating the skin.

Aloe vera is added to moisturise and create a shiny coat.

Lavender is anti-fungal, pain-relieving, and antiseptic. It also helps with stress as it is calming and relaxing.

Size: 250ml

Made in New Zealand.

How to use

Wet the coat with warm water. Apply shampoo by hand and work into a low foaming lather around the entire body avoiding the eyes and face. 

Rinse thoroughly so that no shampoo remains. Towel dry to prevent chills.


Handcrafted natural liquid Castile (olive oil, coconut oil, distilled water, potassium hydroxide (none remains), Aloe Vera, Essential Oils



The Dashing Hound is shipped directly from Clip Clop Equestrian Shop in North Canterbury.

Nationwide delivery is $4.50.

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